Exercise Now - Save Big Later

Exercise Now - Save Big Later

3 steps to success

1: Get your annual fitness physical today.

- Establish baseline measures of strength, flexibility, and endurance.

- Account for previous injury history and exercise experience.

- Receive an individualized exercise prescription designed to meet your health goals, address your lifestyle constraints, and provide specific dosage, frequency and duration.

2: Find support!

Find a group class, a trainer, or a group of friends that will help guide you, provide ongoing and knowledgeable feedback, and keep you committed.

3: Track your stats!

Keep track of your progress.

Remeasure strength, flexibility, and
endurance parameters to make sure you are on track to meet your goals, and to modify your plan as needed.

act now-
reform your health

How To Get Started:

How To Get Started:

Why is it so hard?

Most exercise venues are geared
towards folks who are already successful exercisers. They don't adequately address the very REAL barriers that exist for 40% of the population who don't exercise, or for the 50% of individuals who start an exercise program and then drop out within 6 months.

If you are still reading this, you may be just like millions of other Americans for whom there are tremendous barriers to exercise.

what is stopping you?

Did you know 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week can save the lives of almost 300,000 people per year from death due to heart disease; or decrease your risk of developing diabetes by as much as 58%; or having a stroke by as much as 46%?

If you are a woman, exercise can decrease your risk of breast cancer by 20%. Should you get breast cancer, exercise can decrease your risk of death by 25% to 50% depending on the intensity of your workout.

But do you actually know what to do? Which muscle groups should you work? Are some muscles more important than others? How hard should you work? How long? How many repetitions? What level of resistance, if any, is best?

If you are a new/returning exerciser, you are more likely to succeed with specific guidelines, group support, and routine feedback. Don't do it alone - it's too easy to cheat.

30 in 5.
it's that simple.
it's that hard.

 How Can North River Therapy Help?

How Can North River Therapy Help?


- Conduct Physical Therapist-based fitness physical

- Develop an individualized exercise prescription

- Design a directed program to meet your specific health and fitness goals

- Establish fitness strategies to best fit the patient's lifestyle, level of confidence, and commitment

- Environment conducive to all levels of fitness

- One-on-One training available


"At North River Therapy, I am receiving positive encouragement as I work the plan created for me to improve my flexibility, strength, stamina, and a healthy weight. The pleasant, kind and helpful staff make it a pleasure to be there." -Margaret J.

"The NRT Wellness Program is a
comprehensive evaluation and designed specifically for me. The staff is
knowledgeable and helps me celebrate each success. Dr. Todd focuses on each patient and is the best I've ever seen.
It is such a pleasure to come to NRT
and I look forward to each visit."
-Linda H.

"When I transitioned from physical therapy to the Wellness Program, I realized my overall health had improved and has continued to improve. My primary care physician has been impressed with the results and encouraged me to continue with the Wellness Program. For me, the care and compassion of the staff are the greatest benefits of all." -Pamula S.

If everyone exercised for 30 minutes
each day,
healthcare would radically change.